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Bills fans get fired up about tailgating

Here at Inside Tailgating, we offer a lot of suggestions on what to do at your tailgates: what to cook, what to drink, which grills to use, where to find the best cooler. But here we thought we’d suggest a little about what not to do. Look, we applaud the exuberance of the crazy sports fan who takes tailgating to the next level. But we’ve seen a little nuttiness from the Buffalo Bills fans here recently, and just in case you needed to be reminded that open flames should be used to, um, cook, before games, we thought we’d offer up this public service announcement and reminder of what not to do with them. Check out this Bills fan attempting a “table smash” and winding up with his jersey on fire.

A quick search of you tube reveals this dude isn’t the only Bills fan to catch himself on fire with a tailgating stunt, just the most recent. Another guy did it celebrating the Bills’ victory over the Buccaneers on Oct. 22, and that was just another example this year. OK knuckleheads, let’s try to keep the flames under the burgers and not, the, um, buns from here on out. It might be a good thing that the Bills close out the regular season with two road games, Sunday at New England, and New Year’s Eve in Miami. Hard to imagine the need for much fire tailgating in Miami, Fla., or so you would think!