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5 observations about Top 25 college tailgate list

The website 247sports.com published a Top 25 list this week ranking their favorite tailgating spots in college football. We here at Inside Tailgating commend their research and sense of fun and had several observations about the list. Here goes:

  1. The SEC is king on the field and in the lots, with eight of 14 schools represented in this list. Not to spoil the surprise of where they all rank, but if you picked South Carolina as the No. 2 school overall, you get a gold star.
  2. Alabama barely cracked the Top 10 at No. 9, which is interesting to note since 247sports was founded by Alabama fans in 2010 and was originally called BamaOnline.com.
  3. Oklahoma tailgates are known for their steak. Yes, please.
  4. A service academy made the Top 25. Can you guess which one? Hint: Hooah.
  5. North Dakota State was ranked No. 4, ahead of the likes of powerhouses Ohio State and Clemson. Count us intrigued. Perhaps a trip to the Fargo Dome is in order!
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