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Craft Beer Club gets beer from across U.S. to your doorstep

Love craft beer, but tired of your local offerings? Want to spice up the selection in your cooler for tailgates this fall without having to purchase a bunch of new beer you might not like? The original Craft Beer Club is a great solution! This is a mail order club for craft beer lovers that brings the best from independent craft breweries across the country to your doorstep. Here’s how it works:

For $42 a month, you get a 12-pack of beer from two craft brewers, with two flavors from each – so that’s four styles of beer, three bottles each (or cans, which are featured three times per year) – shipped directly to you. You can choose to have beer sent monthly, every other month, or four times a year. There is no membership fee and you can cancel at any point. The Craft Beer Club also makes a great gift. You can gift from 1-12 shipments. Talk about getting way ahead on some ideas for Christmas! And shipping is free in the 48 states in the contiguous U.S.

Some of the club’s recent selections include Bayou Teche India Pale Ale from South Louisiana, Black Hog Brown Ale from central Connecticut, and Black Tooth American Blonde Ale from Sheridan, Wyoming. As their website explains, each monthly selection is produced by small-production, independent, artisan, craft brewers who use traditional brewing ingredients with creative techniques and time-honored brewing methods to create their brews.

To join or for more information, click here.