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TOC box makes TV-watching at tailgates easy

Some of the best tailgating product ideas come from dedicated tailgaters themselves. They know exactly what you need to make your tailgate a destination for your friends. That’s exactly how Theron Pickens came up with his idea for the TV TOC Box – a television outdoor carrier.

Pickens is a Clemson fan who saw a need for something to keep TVs protected and safe at tailgates.

“We attend a lot of the tailgates from Clemson, and just from past experience we knew about the difficulties of having your TV there,” Pickens told the Fort Mill Times. “You can drop your TV, or your TV falls. We were just looking for a way to protect your TV.”

Pickens, a retired civil engineer, was just awarded a $200,000 grant to increase production and get the word out, as detailed in an article by The State newspaper.

The TV TOC Box, which retails for $299.99 can be used to carry and protect televisions that are up to 43 inches in size. The waterproof carrying case converts to a base, cover and outer frame for the television, which is mounted inside.