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SunBrite TVs built for watching games outdoors

As tailgate season heats up, you have a lot more options than just pulling out the old radio and speakers to listen to the game. Now, portable and weather-proof televisions like SunBrite TVs make watching a game on the go a reality.

SunBrite TVs are perfect for any game day scenario. Watching under the blazing sun or a pregame drizzle? No problem. SunBrite’s products are built with special UV screens to help reduce glare. They come with an outer shell to help protect from rain and the occasional beer spill.

The televisions come in three models: the Veranda, Signature, and Pro, all with a variety of screen sizes. SunBrite also offers a two-year warranty on their televisions, as well as a wireless routing box to make your game day viewing just as fun as the game. Check them out here.

– Emma-Blake Byrum, Inside Tailgating correspondent